A 248 Organic Pollutants in Norwegian Wastewater Sludge (digital only)

Report number: 248/2018

Release date: July 2019

Author(s): Line Diana Blytt and Pascale Stang.

This is un updated survey of organic pollutants in Norwegian sewage water has been undertaken over the course of five months in 2017/2018. This survey covers 18 treatment plants, between seven and nine of them were covered by the survey in 2012/2013 and/or in previous surveys. Several new substances have been analysed on this survey in comparison with previous surveys.

The project results provide us with important information about the content of pollutants in sewage sludge and will constitute an important contribution to future risk assessments and determination of limit values for sewage sludge used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner in Norway.

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