A 231 NOMiNOR: Natural Organic Matter in drinking waters within the Nordic Region (digital only)

Report 231/2018 (kun digital)

Published: July 2018

Authors: Bjørnar Eikebrokk, Ståle Haaland, Peter Jarvis, Gunnhild Riise, Rolf D. Vogt and Kolbjørn Zahlsen

The NOMiNOR project has predicted the future level of natural organic matter (NOM) in ten Nordic and Scottish water sources by using selected models tools. The physiochemical characteristics of NOM is analyzed by both simple and easily available NOM diagnoses, and highly advance methods. The aim of the project has been to evaluate and test analytical methods that more easily can provide new valuable information – relevant to treatment process assessments, operation performance and optimization efforts. The results demonstrated that simple NOM diagnostics form a good basis for treatment performance assessments and identification of optimization potentials. Based on the results from water sample analyses and utility benchmarking, site-specific recommendations are provided on treatment performance, treatment peculiarities, as well as needs for additional treatment, optimization of treatment, and/or process control systems.

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